Vitamin K Cream 5%

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Strengthen your skin, cut the redness time in half from healing and skin disorders, and improve dark eye circles. Recommended with physician direction for: diabetic injections, chemotherapy, and patients taking blood thinners. Supply: 3-6 months depending on usage.

Decreases the appearance of

  • Actinic purpura
  • Alleviates irritation associated with chemical peels and dermabrasion
  • Broken blood vessels or spider veins on the face
  • Bruises and redness after skin trauma and break-outs
  • Cuts laser and surgery redness time in half
  • Dark eye circles by addressing the underlying causes of darkening-leakage of plasma and lymph into the extremely thin, delicate eye tissue and the accumulation and poor blood circulation leading to tissue darkening and swelling
  • Rosacea
  • Schamburg’s disease
  • Surgery bruises, use two weeks prior to surgery and post-surgery